On August 24th in Asbury Park, NJ, over 70 community triathletes, geared in the most outstanding tri-suits, took on a tri-challenge to show their support for The SAFE Foundation. The sun sparkled on the sea. Upbeat music filled the air. Sneakers peddled and pounded, and hundreds of spectators cheered. Everyone was extremely happy.

Even though dangerous ocean conditions eliminated the swim portion of the marathon, turning the triathlon into a duathlon, participants were still exhilarated from the challenge and happy to support SAFE!

Triathletes speak:

Saul Cattan: “It was amazing. I highly recommend this. Anyone can do it. It is worth the mental challenge!”

Ikey Seruya (TeamSAFE’s fastest triathlete): “I’ve witnessed the good work that SAFE does on several occasions. SAFE gives families direction and support when dealing with these problems. SAFE also gives us the guidance to go on a proper path in life.”

David Silvera: “It was fun even without the swim. It was an exhilarating experience. And, it was nice coming to the beach so early in the morning.”

Celia Tawil: “Never say, ‘I can’t.’ I never did anything like this before, but I will definitely do this again!”

Bernie Hafif: “Can’t wait for the next one! It was great training with TeamSAFE!”

Sam Sultan’s wife Gilla and their children: “We are proud of Daddy’s dedication and hard work!”

Ike Silvera: “I recommend this! It is great for your health and for making better friends. Last year I could not swim a lap. I signed up three weeks before the event and was able to do the triathlon last and this year!”

Nelly Batton: “This was my first triathlon. I loved the experience! I was also happy to participate, because I love this organization; I see how it helps our community.”

The SAFE Foundation: “We are both proud of and thankful to our amazing team of triathletes. Go teamSAFE!”

SAFE thanks their Platinum sponsors: Crown Acquisitions and Century21, as well as sponsors: Angels of Debt, Gina Group, Jay Franco, Accessory Exchange New York for their sponsorships as well.