Double tapping to like an Instagram picture, retweeting to show that you agree with or enjoy the words in a tweet, and looking for followers and “likes” has become a pastime and pursuit of many these days. And, The SAFE Foundation is right there in the social media mix.

On July 21st, 2013, SAFE launched the Your Favorite Ad Contest, inviting people of all ages to log on to SAFE’s Instagram or Twitter accounts to peruse, choose, and repost their favorite ad. The ads on these sites promote healthy living and protest dangerous activity in whimsical, sometimes sarcastic, always creative ways that challenge viewers to think about their meanings. Some of the ads were created by students for the annual Project SAFE Ad Contest, run by SAFE’s School Program. Others were created by The SAFE Foundation’s Marketing Department.

Once the contest was announced, the amount of followers, likes, and participants, representing every age, grew by the minute – throughout the entire week. Summer intern Jojo Betesh, 14, was instrumental in recruiting many of his friends to join in, prompting them to repost and try to win the prize, a Kindle Fire. Jojo was also instrumental in creating many of the creative ad posts to announce the contest. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Michael Defeff’!