_DSC0062 (1)Having the opportunity to sit on the large, soft sectional in Esther and Jack Sabbagh’s cozy den was just one of the perks of attending the SAFE Foundation’s Parent Program on Tuesday night, April 28th. The other, more significant advantage, was hearing Slovie Jungreis-Wolff share her parenting wisdom. Slovie advised fathers and mothers to be courageous leaders, to set reasonable limits, to be good role models, and to be kind.

She began, “Setting limits is not always met with a favorable, response, but you cannot be afraid that your kids will not like you. We have to figure out how to have productive dialogue and to set effective boundaries. When we parent thoughtfully, calmly, and with composure, children listen.”

She discussed peace in the home. “There are families where no one can talk to anyone! It is important to work on improving relationships and creating a peaceful atmosphere. Without this, you cannot enjoy your house, your meals, your family.”

Slovie then defined “Pyramid Parenting,” when parents do not speak with a unified voice. She said that if children witness division and a lack of respect, they’ll follow suit. “These are the seeds of disrespect.”

In emphasizing  the power of parents as role models, Slovie stated,“It is how we travel, what we drink, how we treat each other; are we being kind or cruel?”

Slovie cautioned clearly, “Behind every angry child; there’s pain.”

Slovie then addressed the disruptive presence of cell phones, “Children may be trying to get mom or dad’s attention, but we are preoccupied. Why not tell your child that he or she is more important than someone on the other end of the line?”

Slovie finished, “Who is wise? One who prevents problems, so start when kids are young. Observe the child who pushes your buttons. That is the one who needs the most love. What does it take to go in and spend five minutes with that child before bedtime? Give a hug. Give a kiss.”

Director of SAFE Parent Programs, Ariel Cohen, said that he is pleased with how receptive parents are to having small parenting workshops in their homes. He said, “I am finding parents from every group in our community eager to better their parenting skills and to happily host these educational gatherings.”