Project Safe in Panama City

In 2008, Rabbi Sion Levy TZ”L, the then Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic community in Panama, called parents to a meeting to warn of the dangers threatening the youth. Toward the end of his speech, he broke down, beseeching parents to protect their children from drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

In 2011, the community looked to The SAFE Foundation for guidance. After directors from SAFE visited Panama and representatives from Panama came to New York, the Panamanian community introduced Project SAFE into their schools. For this program, they selected a name to reflect their goals: COMSANA, meaning A Healthy Community. Since that time, Consana has been running smoothly and successfully, reaching hundreds of students each week with prevention skills and the awareness needed to lead a healthy life!

Program Director of Comsana, Yvonne Attia, proudly states that currently the program is successfully running in their three community schools:

  • Instituto Alberto Einstein
  • Academia Hebrea de Panamá  
  • Magen David Academy

Directors and teachers of Comsana work with a translated version of the Project SAFE curriculum, translate and distributes SAFE’s Parent Emails, reference the Project SAFE Web Portal, and visit SAFE in New York regularly for Trainings.