GRANDMAAs a mom or a dad, you know that it is your responsibility to do all that you can to ensure that your child grows up safely and drug-free. Here are 7 pointers to help you keep your child away from substance abuse and other harmful practices.

  1. Because children do not want to disappoint their parents, you should make it very clear, no matter what age your child is, what behaviors you see as dangerous and undesirable. Ask Grandma or Grandpa to join in as well and convey clear messages about their stances on substance abuse and the like.
  1. Be aware of what your kids are doing and with whom they are spending their time. Children need this show of care and the boundaries that are indicated with this kind of involvement.
  1. Teach about the disastrous effects of drug abuse. Site facts. Recount real stories. Do not shield them from the gory details.
  1. Teach them to respect their bodies. Focus on exercise, eating well, and abstaining from behaviors that are unhealthy.
  1. Keep your children’s eyes on the prizes in life. Have them cite their dreams and aspirations. Explain that those milestones can be reached by remaining alert and working hard.
  1. Steer your children toward having friends whose values you appreciate and admire.
  1. Encourage hobbies, exercise, sports, talents, and involvement in religious and/or volunteer organizations.

The SAFE Foundations wishes you luck and looks forward to seeing the results of your hard work!