Individuals who abuse alcohol, drugs, and/ or gambling endanger themselves and others, often without knowing it. Over time, significant relationships with their family and friends breakdown. Many  in need of recovery are so overwhelmed by their problems that they cannot take the first steps necessary to achieve sobriety. For this reason, the treatment process often begins with a call from a family member, employer, or school.

Pre-admission interviews and screenings with SAFE professionals will determine if SAFE’s Outpatient Program is a suitable option.  Candidates for SAFE’s outpatient treatment programs are those who do not require medically supervised detoxification or stabilization.

If admitted, patients will receive psychological, social, and alcohol and drug assessments, and an individualized treatment plan, as well as continuing care recommendations. Therapeutic techniques include lectures, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and peer interaction. If it is indicated that a higher level of care is necessary, the staff at SAFE will refer the patient to a proper treatment facility.

Our team at SAFE is comprised of  highly trained professionals who collaborate to provide patients with individualized treatment programs. Patients and their families receive counseling, education, and the necessary support to deal with alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions.

We aim to recognize and fulfill our patients and their family’s needs by helping them attain a thorough understanding of themselves and the recovery process. Our goal is to graduate patients with the proper tools to lead healthy and productive lives.