crowd watching show best picture

“The formula worked – it was perfect!” each SAFE Foundation Junior Board member happily agreed after their successful first event, held on Saturday night, August 22n at the Ashkenazie Beach in Loch Arbour. They were referring to FARM (For All Raging Minds,) the Hawaiian-Style Arts Festival which attracted 600 guests aged 18-30; what many are calling “the best night of the summer.” Perhaps one reason for their success is because the young organizers worked hard to create an experience they knew they and their friends would fully enjoy.

One attendee said, “The atmosphere and vibes were positive all night; we all felt as though we were on vacation.”

Imagine the scene: Bonfires scattered on the beach shooting flames into a dark sky. A fresh coconut drink stand. A tropical smoothie bar. A food tent with hamburgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, chicken nuggets, corn on the cob, funnel cake, cotton candy chips, and more. A 60-foot-long lit- up gallery of original art done by young community artists. Ocean waves. Hundreds seated on colorful tribal blankets laid out on the sand. A stage. And, poets, musicians, comedians, singers, actors, and actresses whipping out one performance after the next that soothed, enlightened and entertained all.

One attendee said, “It was very chill.”

Junior board member Albert Ezra Ashkenazie said, “I think it is important to express one’s self through artistic outlets.  We all have thoughts, feelings, and special talents that we should feel comfortable and proud to express and share with others. Opportunities like these allow us to share with each other in a real way.”


Abe Chera said that he is amazed at how talented everyone is; he was so blown away by the creativity the kids exhibited both on canvas and on stage. He added, “We look forward to bringing more events like this to the youth of our community.”

One Junior Board member said, “Tonight we proved that a party is still a party without a drink.”

All in all, SAFE’s FARM Festival was a hit. As one twenty-something-yr-old declared, “From one to ten, it was a ten!”