On Tuesday morning, October 28th, 2014 members of The SAFE Foundation joined approximately 20 leaders from the Brooklyn Jewish community at a Meet n’ Greet with the recently elected District Attorney Ken Thompson. 

The event took place at the Borough Park home of Mendy Reiner, the founder of Renewal (a nonprofit organization that helps the Jewish community by cutting down the wait for kidney transplants.) 

Ike Dweck, Founder and Executive Director of The SAFE Foundation, described to DA Thompson the daily, life-saving work that his organization does. Ike described how SAFE’s addiction counselors and staff service the community, offering comprehensive outpatient care to those who are battling drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions. 

After this, board member Joe Cabasso told his story of recovery, highlighting Ike Dweck and SAFE’s role in his recovery. He also told the DA how through the Project SAFE School Program; he enters into many of the Jewish community schools a few times each year to share the story of his struggle with addiction. 

Joe impressed everyone in the room with a recent story. He told of a young man who recently sought him out to say that because of Joe’s presentation at his school a few years ago; he was able to recognize that he too was in trouble. As a result, he reached out for help and is currently in a recovery program. At the end of Joe’s story and presentation, everyone in the room jumped up with a standing ovation. 

DA Thompson emphasized his dedication to offering counseling, coaching and support to those with addiction problems, and expressed great interest in meeting with those from The SAFE Foundation once again.

Ike Dweck to especially hear more about the Project SAFE School Program, with the hopes of bringing the program to public schools all over New York.