Each spring Project SAFE runs The Project SAFE Ad Contest, inviting 5th-12th graders to create an ad that powerfully and creatively conveys a message they’ve learned from their SAFE class. The topics include:

  • Building a strong self-esteem
  • Creating a healthy body image
  • Guarding against substance abuse and gambling
  • Learning safe internet habits
  • Establishing rewarding relationships
  • Standing up to bullying
  • Dealing with peer pressure

The Ad Contest creates excitement throughout many age groups and engages all types of children. Parents and teachers find that the contest reinforces important lessons, stimulating valuable discussion both in school and at home. Students enjoy seeing their creations posted on all of SAFE’s social media sites, published in community magazines, and displayed on posters throughout their schools.

Recently, the 3 schools in Panama City, Panama, who use the Project SAFE curriculum, ran this contest successfully as well!

Winners, 2016!!!

Winners 2015!!!

Winners 2014!!!

Middle Division Runners Up, 2014

High School Runners Up, 2014

Top 2 Winners, 2013

Top 5 Runners Up, 2013