The SAFE Foundation is a New York State licensed OASAS (Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services) outpatient treatment program located in Brooklyn, New York. We serve as a reliable haven for those experiencing difficulties with drug addiction, alcoholism, and compulsive gambling. Our staff is comprised of  professionals who have all received comprehensive training and licensing in the field of addiction and substance abuse. Since SAFE’s inception in 2003, we have remained committed to helping patients and their families create healthier lives.

Project SAFE is a school-based, prevention skills program that uses a 900-page, 30-week curriculum that was formulated especially for The SAFE Foundation. The program focuses on promoting self-esteem and healthy living, as well as on problems associated with alcohol,  drugs, and gambling. Specially trained SAFE teachers teach students in the 5th-12th grades about family structure and relationships, peer pressure, anger management, coping skills, stress, bullying, competition, body image and values. Project SAFE aims to provide each student the opportunity to grow and to develop the personal, social, and resistance skills they need to successfully navigate through life. Currently, Project SAFE reaches over 6,000 students each year in North and South America.

THE SAFE & SOUND TRAINING INSTITUTE, a branch of The SAFE Foundation, offers continuing professional education seminars, in-house training, conferences and webcasts for mental health practitioners. Professionals include; social workers, psychologists, CASACs, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists and students. These high caliber trainings are for those interested in continuing their professional competency and increasing their ability to provide the best treatment to individuals and families seeking guidance.

SAFE & SOUND’s priority is to offer training topics with a strong interplay between mainstream mental health topics and substance abuse/addictions.  Our programs are approved to provide CEUs credits and CASAC clock hours allowing for continued opportunities for professional development. Participants will gain knowledge and skills that can be taken directly back into their treatment rooms offering clients highly skilled treatment opportunities.